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Pediatric urgent care house calls in North Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Anthem, Desert Hills, Cave Creek, New River, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Glendale, Black Canyon City, and surrounding areas. 

Telemedicine virtual visits available in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, and North Dakota

House Calls

Pediatric Care AZ
Kids Urgent Care AZ

I look forward to serving you. Tara Forstie, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and owner of Mobile Mendy Kids Urgent Care AZ.

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Weekdays 8am - 7pm
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House calls are back!

What can you do when your child is sick or injured? 

Please call me! I can help! I make housecalls for pediatric urgent care needs in North Scottsdale AZ and North Phoenix AZ and surrounding cities and rural areas within 30 minutes drive.

I come to you. I'm often available on short notice Mon-Sat, and/or you can schedule an appointment via my website.

I offer in-person house calls and online telemedicine virtual visits.

Enjoy the convenience and safety of pediatric urgent care in your home or hotel room. Skip long waits in ER or urgent care clinic waiting rooms. Avoid exposure to sick people and germs in public waiting rooms.

I treat allergies, asthma, rashes, pink eye, ear infections, strep throat, urinary tract infections, coughs, colds, vomiting, diarrhea, and other conditions. I treat injuries such as bruises, scrapes, cuts, laceration repairs, etc.

I want to provide your child excellent pediatric urgent care and provide you convenience. I want to serve you.

Please call or text me at 602-769-1137. I care about my patients.

I look forward to serving you, Tara Forstie, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.
House calls for kids urgent care in North Phoenix, North Scottsdale, Anthem, Desert Hills, Cave Creek, New River, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City, Glendale, Black Canyon City and surrounding cities and rural areas within 30 minutes drive, 

Telemedicine Online Virtual Visits available in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, and North Dakota

I treat the following illnesses and injuries:

  • Asthma and Wheezing (Nebulizer treatments)
  • ​Minor Burns
  • ​Coughs and Colds (Influenza, RSV, Covid-19, etc)
  • ​Croup
  • ​Cuts-Lacerations (repaired with stitches, skin glue, or staples)
  • ​Dehydration (IV Fluids for rehydration)
  • ​Diarrhea and Vomiting
  • ​Ear Infections
  • ​Eye Infections and Scratches
  • ​Foreign object removal from nose and ears
  • ​Rashes
  • ​Sinus Infections
  • ​Skin Infections, impetigo
  • ​Sore Throats, strep throat
  • ​Sports injuries
  • ​Toenail Removal
  • ​Urinary Tract Infections
  • ​Well Child Visits
  • ​and More!
  • STEP 1: Book a House Call Appointment for a Pediatric Urgent Care visit!
  • ​STEP 2: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner comes to you, examines your child, and provides medical care!
  • STEP 3: Receive appropriate treatment, medications, tests, and necessary prescriptions!
  • ​In-Home Testing: Urinalysis, Rapid Strep, COVID-19, RSV, Influenza (included). Send out testing also available.
  • ​$200 House Call ($100 for each additional child on same visit)
  • $300 IV Fluids for Hydration with House Call
  • $300 Procedure with House Call: Laceration repairs with stitches, glue or staples, foreign body removal, toenail removal.

Telemedicine/Virtual Visits for Kids Urgent Care

  • ​Step 1. ​Book a Telemedicine Appointment with an experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner from your laptop or smart phone.
  • Step 2. Your child will be evaluated for minor injuries and illnesses such as coughs, colds, pink eye, swimmer's ear infections, bug bites, minor skin infections, vomiting, diarrhea, and more.
  • ​Step 3. Necessary treatment, instructions, and prescriptions will be provided if necessary. 
  • ​$100 for Telemedicine Virtual Appointments available in Arizona, Colorado, Minnesota, Montana, and North Dakota.

mother calling doctor
  • I care about my patients and take pride in my work.
  • ​I offer reasonably priced services to allow quality healthcare for your child. 
  • ​FSA/HSA Card, Credit Card, Paypal, Cash App, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay, Bitcoin, or Cash are accepted.                     

Text or Call 602-769-1137

Weekdays 8am - 7pm
Saturday 9am - 5pm

Patient satisfaction is my highest priority.

"Tara was amazing! We could not get an appointment with our pediatrician and Mobile Mendy offered a great alternative. Tara is very knowledgeable and provided a great service to our child." -Addison
"Absolutely amazing! I have never felt more at peace and feeling like I can sleep with the answers and information she has provided my husband and I about our child! Way better than a doctor's office and the amount of care shown and just listening to the 1000 questions I had. Highly recommend." 
"Tara provided amazing care for my child. It was so convenient to have a virtual appointment and she was able to assess and prescribe my child what was needed. Definitely recommend her and will use her again!" -Lawson
"Another amazing visit by Tara! She was able to see my sick newborn late evening and gave me solid advice and peace of mind in how to care for my sick baby and if/when to bring him to the hospital. Thanks again, Tara!" -Fynn
"Mobile Mendy is so convenient! So nice that you don't have to take your sick kid out of the house to be seen. And a bonus...Tara offers Telemed appointments too!" -Sara
"Called Tara in the morning, and she promptly sent over paperwork and showed up in no time! Quick and simple."
"Ella was so happy Tara could come to our home to stitch up a small cut in her lip! What a comfort for a child to be cared for at home. Instead of waiting at urgent care for hours, we were able to get Ella taken care of much sooner." -Ella
"I was so pleased with the care we received from Tara. She was professional, knowledgeable, and caring with my children. Not to mention how convenient this type of service is! Who needs to go to an urgent care when she can come to you!" -Devin
"My daughter and granddaughter were visiting when my granddaughter became ill. I knew we needed to have her checked out but wasn't sure who to take her to. I found Tara Forstie on the NextDoor app. I was able to quickly book an appointment for the same morning easily online. Tara is very knowledgeable and was great with my granddaughter. She was able to examine her in our home and was able to give us a prescription for an antibiotic since she had an ear infection." -Rian

"Tara was amazing with my son! She is kind and shows true passion for what she does. I will definitely be using her again and will recommend to anyone. Thank you, Tara!!!" 

"Tara was so helpful and knowledgeable. We would recommend her to anyone who wants to get quality healthcare without the hassle of taking your children out of the house when they are feeling under the weather."  -Anna
"This service is amazing. I quickly booked the appointment online and my daughter was seen in our home within just a few hours. Tara was so patient and reassuring to my 7-year-old and gathered my input in coming up with the best plan to treat my daughter. I will definitely be using this service the next time we are in need." -Avarie
"Mendy was very patient, gentle, and it was so amazing to have time to actually talk to a provider versus feeling so rushed in an urgent care or ER. So thankful she could come see my little guy at home! Definitely recommend Mendy!" -Karcher
"When you have a sick infant at home, the last thing you want to do is pack the sick infant up to drive to urgent care and sit in the lobby until it is your turn to be cared for. Mobile Mendy comes to you in your home! Or by the phone. What better way than to be treated right from home! The scheduling process was very simple. Tara was very caring and knowledgeable. I will continue to use this convenient service for our urgent needs. Highly recommend!" -Slate
"Tara was sincerely very knowledgeable and helpful with my daughter's illness. She took the time to listen to her symptoms and check her vitals before coming up with the plan of action, which is already working! We certainly do appreciate the personal touch and your absolute best care! We will continue to use this medical care from now on! My son has cancer, so I appreciate the “house call” option to limit our exposure to other illnesses! Thank you so much!" -Camryn 
"Tara was great. She examined both my kids and administered the necessary meds. The whole thing was about an hour, so much better than sitting in a waiting room all day." 
"Tara did an amazing job! In particular, she was able to get a throat swab on our daughter who has Down syndrome, and literally shakes with anxiety at the mention of a throat swab, due to the numerous occurrences in her life. Tara was efficient, timely, and communicated quickly when I had questions. Thank you for your service, Tara!" -Gabriella
"We have used Mobile Mendy, Tara, two times now! Both times were an amazing experience, and we are thrilled to have this service available! We will continue to use this service in the future." -Ryker

About the Provider

Tara Forstie, MSN, CPNP-AC

I am an experienced Board Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Acute Care with a Master's in Nursing from University of Alabama at Birmingham. I have over 20 years experience in pediatric emergency care. I am passionate about caring for children and am excited to provide in-home services to families in the North Phoenix and North Scottsdale areas. Originally from Minnesota, I've called Arizona home for 25 years. I am a mother of 8 children, and now  a grandmother to 2 grandchildren who I adore! I understand the challenges parents face when trying to get pediatric urgent care for their sick or injured children. I enjoy baking, hiking, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends. I like kids and care about my patients!
Tara Forstie, CPNP-AC
Owner of Mobile Mendy Kids Urgent Care AZ.

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